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More Than a Bathhouse

When I first started planning the addition to my house, I was mostly thinking of it in terms of the hot tub and the bathroom, and the guest cottages were sort of separate entities in my mind. But as the plan came together and I realized that the new annex was going to have multiple functions, of which the bathroom and hot tub were the only bath-related ones, I realized that calling it a bathhouse was really a misnomer. But by that point I had already started calling the columns “Bathhouse #X”, and since I’m a creature of habit it just kept on that way for 2 years. But once I was done with the roof, and I could really see the thing as a whole, I started referring to the big open space as the atrium because that’s what it is, an open space at the center of the house (the main house and both cottages open onto it).  So even though I am currently working on the bathroom, I’ve decided it’s time to rename these columns; the whole project amounts to a new wing of my house, an annex, so that’s what I’m going to start calling the columns, starting next week. I’m going to go back and relabel the older ones as well, but I’m not going to change the links because it would just be too much trouble and I’m not trying to memory-hole the history of the project or anything. I just have a thing for accuracy, and though it took a while, it finally overcame my inertia.

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