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Informally known as “mooning,” exposing one’s buttocks is a practice often intended as a sign of defiance or disrespect.  –  Will Greenlee

Another quiet week, and I’m disappointed there weren’t even any memorable April Fool pranks except for this one from REI discovered by my husband.  That is, of course, unless you count has-been comedian Jim Carrey making an April Fool of himself over gun control a few days early; today’s first video mocks the fact that opposing vaccination (as Carrey does) probably kills far more people than guns do.  The second video continues our Star Trek theme of the past few weeks, and was provided by Grace; everything above the first video was contributed by Radley Balko, and those between the two by Jolene Parton,  PopehatLenore Skenazy (two items), Jesse WalkerAmy Alkon and Aspasia (in that order).

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