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Back Issue: February 2013

I’ve never been a big fan of either solitaire or masturbation; they both always seemed a bit pointless to me.  –  “My Favorite Games

Tom the Dancing Bug 1-31-13One of the things that’s made this blog easier to write over time is my increasing practice of doing certain kinds of columns on certain days, which decreased the time I had to spend figuring out what to write about.  You’ve probably noticed how much shorter these “back issues” have grown over the past three years; that’s because I don’t have to write about all the news and links columns, and that was eight or more columns per month at the time.  But even outside of that, there were a lot of columns whose formats or even topics were predetermined.  Take February 2013, for example; once we remove the harlotography and fictional interlude (“Cora Pearl” and “Point of View“, respectively); the holiday columns (“Oimelc“, “Mardi Gras” and “St. Valentine’s Day“); the weekly Q&A (“Off Track“, “AC/DC” and “There Ain’t No Bad Guys“); the Cliterati reprints (“Skin To Skin“, “Caring Professionals” and “Straining at Gnats“); Anthony Fremontthe monthly “favorites” column (“My Favorite Games“); a diary column (“Symposium“) and one of my periodic summaries (“Savage Breast“), I only had to come up with seven topics.  Those were: why some women are attracted to murderers (“Bad Boys“); how tyranny starts and grows (“Us and Them” and “The Devil’s Toys“); the Irish governments’s sick catering to abusive nuns (“Unclean Situation“); how prohibitionists lie with numbers (“Number Puzzle“); how “sex trafficking” is used to justify tyranny (“Blunt Instrument“), and how “authorities” have adjusted their “Super Bowl” rhetoric (“Learning Curve“).Alice in railway carriage

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