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Back Issue: April 2014

Most “experts” aren’t even qualified to make decisions for their dogs, much less for millions of people they don’t know.  –  “Zero Intelligence

One doesn’t generally think of April as a holiday-heavy month, but that’s only because May Eve isn’t that big a celebration any more in most countries outside Scandinavia.  However, there’s also Easter  (most years) and April Fool’s Day, plus the column explaining my annual prank (“Zero Intelligence“); this year I also published two columns  for my Book Launch.  The harlotography was “Jeanne de Clisson“, the fictional interlude “Double X” and the guest columnist Laura Lee; the Cliterati reprints were “Delightful Conversation“, “Habitable Room” and “The Missing Word“; and the Q&A columns were “A Little More Mentoring“,  “Dilemmas” and “The Craving“.  That leaves only “Of Course I Would“, the first hint that I had returned to work; “Slush Fund“, an expose on prohibitionist show pony Rachel Moran’s embezzlement from her “charity”; “Beauty and the Beast“, a look at an odd but not-uncommon female sexual fantasy; “Something Has To Give“, in which I announce that I won’t be doing unpaid guest posts any longer; the self-explanatory “Facts in the Case of Monica Jones; and “Counter-Countermeasure“, an examination of a then-new study backing up the landmark John Jay study.

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