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Back Issue: July 2014

How many more women have to die before governments abandon their mad dream of controlling the sexuality of every individual within their borders?  –  “How Many Will It Take?

With the addition of the diary feature, the number of individual columns that need to be mentioned in these back issues is growing steadily shorter.  And extra news columns like “Traffic Updates” are the harbingers of the semi-weekly news column that premiered only six months after July of 2014.  After the holidays (“The Spirit of ’76“, “Fourth Anniversary” and “Magdalene’s Day“); the guest columnist (“Anonyma“); the fictional interlude (“Eurydice“); the harlotography (“Alice Keppel“); the Q&A columns (“Off-Street“, “Neither Here Nor There“, “Like a Courtesan“, and “Aversion Qualified“); and the Cliterati reprints (“Bread and Circuses“, “How Many Will It Take?” and “Nice While It Lasted“), there are only three left: a collection of ice cream recipes (“I Scream, You Scream“), a diatribe against dumbasses who think exceptions invalidate general rules (“Not All [Your Group Here]“), and a tearful goodbye to some beloved furry friends (“Family Curse“). 

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