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Back Issue: November 2014

Sex and death are our constant reminders that for all our pretensions we are still animals.  –  “Even This Shall Pass Away

The last two months of the year have so many holidays, there are very few standalone columns.  After the Day of the Dead (“Even This Shall Pass Away“), Guy Fawkes Day (“To the Ground“), Armistice Day (“Red Lamp“),  Thanksgiving and the official launch of Yuletide; the guest columnist (David Ley); the fictional interlude (“The Blessing“); the Q&A columns (“Warped Mirror“, “Sugar Loaves“, and “Drinking on the Job“); and the Cliterati reprints (“Gift Horse” and “Welcome to the Future“), the only columns left are “The Plural of Anecdote” (why I don’t care about your second cousin’s girlfriend’s sister’s neighbor who had an abusive pimp); “Skewed By Taboo” (why I don’t care about popular “studies” of sexual behavior); and “Undeserving” (why I don’t care what people claim anybody “deserves”). 

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