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I’m going to be spending a lot of time promoting The War on Whores and my other projects this year, and frankly, I’d like to get ahead on my budget so there’s less financial pressure on me while I’m doing all that.  So I’ve decided to rerun not one but two of my specials from last year at the same time!  For the rest of the winter (ie, until March 19th) you can take advantage of whichever of these specials strikes your fancy; as bargains, they’re pretty comparable.  I got really good response from my “Two Out of Three” special, so let’s remind y’all of that one first:

…I’ll give you an extra half-hour when you book an hour-long date and an extra hour when you book a two- or three-hour date.  And if you book four hours or more, I’ll only charge you my social rate instead of my full rate!  If you look at the math, you’re basically getting a date of any given length for about 2/3 as much as it would normally cost (up to a whole weekend, after which it starts to flatten out)…

The other option is a special on a rate I call my “Day Tripper“, which seems to have slipped beneath most people’s radar though it’s quite a good deal; you get 7-10 hours of mixed private and social time for only 2/3 of the cost of an overnight.  Yes, that fits neatly in with the “Two Out of Three”, but that’s the normal rate; for the special, you don’t get a price break but I’m willing to travel anywhere in the United States to do one.  If you live in Seattle or within three hours of travel from here, I’ll knock $200 off the price instead.  If you’d like to take advantage of ether of those, email me and we’ll discuss scheduling.  Of course, you could also set up a screening of my movie and get me to come to your city that way; one way or the other, I won’t complain.

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