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It is the old practice of despots to use a part of the people to keep the rest in order. – Thomas Jefferson

The greatest defect of any democracy lies in the tendency of a certain segment of the population to cooperate with the agents of oppression.  Some do it because they are simpering, spineless cowards; others are moral imbeciles who think “authorities” are wiser and better than they are, and others are badge-licking lawheads who actually believe in the masses of wastepaper they use for brains that the mere fact that a law exists makes it right.  But the worst and most dangerous of these are the amoral, narcissistic busybodies who believe not only that they have the right to decide what others can do with their own bodies, money or time, but also that they have the right to use public resources to enforce these dictates by siccing the police on those who offend them.  On July 7th the Edmonds, Washington Patch (by way of the Huffington Post)  announced that heroic local police, after a grueling nine-month undercover operation, had arrested four dangerous, vicious criminals…apparently for touching people’s hands and flashing their tits.  The owner and three employees of Java Juggs Espresso, a coffee stand staffed by bikini-clad lovelies, were arrested on charges of prostitution, permitting prostitution and “unlawful exposure”:  As the article bleats, “Most of the violations involved employees exposing themselves to customers for large tips.  Some of the violations involved physical contact with a barista in exchange for money.”

I have on many occasions pointed out that prostitution laws allow persecution of all women, not just whores; this is a perfect example.  Does anyone believe for one second that these girls did anything through the window of a coffee stand that any rational adult would honestly consider “prostitution”?  They flashed their tits in return for tips; whoopee.  And if  “physical contact in exchange for money” (letting guys feel them up, perhaps?) is now “prostitution” in Washington State, then medical professionals, manicurists and masseuses need to be very, very nervous.  The story also demonstrates the typical police pomposity and the vile sleaziness of “undercover” vice pigs, who no doubt chatted up these girls on a number of occasions so as to relax them before making their moves; it’s called “grooming”, and is the same tactic some rapists and most child molesters use to put their victims off-guard.

But it’s in the follow-up from July 10th that we see examples of all of the collaborator types I mentioned in the first paragraph:

The Edmonds Police Department is defending itself after its undercover investigation of a bikini barista coffee stand drew condemnation and sarcastic comments nationwide.  Most of the public comments centered on the investigation’s nine-month time frame, which the police say doesn’t accurately reflect the amount of time officers spent on the case…in October… the EPD…began its investigation…[which] ended recently with the arrest on June 30 of business owner Carmela Panico and three employees…“This investigation was a response to complaints from Edmonds citizens,” said Sgt. Don Anderson…“Frankly…I’m not concerned about what…the readers of the Huffington Post think”…Anderson said officers did not spend nine months staking out Java Juggs.  “The actual investigation…didn’t begin until the middle of April…[it] was conducted by a plainclothes street crimes investigation unit who were working on several matters at the same time.  This wasn’t their only ongoing investigation or their only priority, but enough complaints came in from the community that it was obvious we had an obligation to investigate…this matter involved three different businesses, several different employees engaging in illegal activity, and required a significant level of evidence to support prosecution…

A “significant level of evidence” my high-priced bottom; as regular readers know all cops have to do to “support” vice charges is to lie.  They only kept going there for months because they were enjoying their filthy little game of victimization.

The most morally degraded of the collaborator types appears in the story, in the person of the “upstanding citizens” who thought it was their right to put three girls out of work and an entrepreneur out of business (the stand is still open but the health department and code enforcement vultures are trying to remedy that).  But the other three types – the cowards, the moral imbeciles and the lawheads – appear in the commentary (both on HuffPo and the Patch).  I’m happy to report they’re a tiny minority, but a little digging will turn them up like puffy, white grubs under an overturned rock:  “Honoring illegal activity for your own personal gain and putting law enforcement down is weak!” and “…All complaints about free speach [sic] aside, the stands attract a very bad element to the neighborhood,” are featured in the follow-up, and “Anderson’s comment about not caring what Huffington Post readers think is great.  Good for him,” appears in the comments below it (you can practically hear the lip-smacking on that one).  But my favorite was this:

You GUYS don’t get it!  You guys are known for voyerism [sic] and getting your rocks off any way you can.  This is just an easy venue for you to do that.  Have you considered the women and children out there that have been hurt by their daddie’s [sic] affection for porn and worhtless [sic] garbage like this that they bring into their relationships, only to have them fall apart because the ol [sic] man can’t keep his eyes to himself or his hands off himself?!  This issue goes much deeper than all of these loosely thought out and uncaring for anyone else but yourselves comments!  I know, I had a marriage of 15 yrs fall apart because my ol [sic] man couldn’t “keep it at home”.  I can hear you now, that was my fault right?!  Not!  He had a history of this type of voyerism [sic] since before I met him and he promised he didn’t need it anymore after we were together.  An addiction is an addiction and you guys apparently have one to this!  Sow your seeds with a real woman and a real relationship… that will keep the need for these types of slut stands off the streets!  And, make you more of a man!!!

I think it speaks for itself, and what it says is pretty disgusting…but, alas, predictable.  One year ago today I wrote about the “myth of the wanton”, the notion that women are not only more lustful than men, but are actually responsible for male lust; this vile fantasy is behind many males’ support for prostitution laws, and even some women’s.  Though this commenter’s rhetoric is purely neofeminist (normal male behavior [including masturbation] is an “addiction” and a problem, porn and the male eye for beauty “hurt women and children”, a bit of “end demand” rhetoric, etc) it is clear where she actually places the blame.  She proclaims that sex workers (even “slut stand” workers) are not “real women” (which probably comes as a shock to my whore readers who menstruate and have babies and stuff like that) and is only too happy to see a female business owner and her employees persecuted in revenge for the wrongs this commenter imagines other women inflicted upon her in the past.  Women like this, who blame other women for their own intolerance and their husbands’ weaknesses, are among the worst of the prohibitionists because like neofeminists and religious fanatics they feel entitled to hold others responsible for their own problems and selfishly ignore the danger in which prostitution laws place all women, including themselves.

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