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A picture is worth a thousand words.  –  American adage

The great majority of my posts fall between 750 and 1500 words, or as we might say the general vicinity of a thousand words.  So in lieu of a column today I present not one but two pictures.

Each dot on these maps represents 1000 prostitutes; those representing adults are 8 pixels wide and those representing underage girls 7 pixels wide (since, after all, it’s tough to tell the difference between a mature adolescent trying to look older and a young adult who may be trying to look younger).  Red dots represent illegal prostitutes, and black dots legal ones; the first map (above) represents the current situation (in which all prostitution is illegal) and the second (below) a country in which only underage prostitution is illegal.

Pretend you’re an agency (governmental or otherwise) trying to locate underage prostitutes to “rescue”, and find them on the first map; then try the second one.  Any questions?

One Year Ago Today

The Second Part of  “A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody”, which discusses the lyrics of five songs about prostitutes: “New Orleans Ladies”, “Roxanne”, “867-5309”, “The Taxicab” and “Next”.

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