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The world is for thousands a freak show; the images flicker past and vanish; the impressions remain flat and unconnected in the soul. Thus they are easily led by the opinions of others, are content to let their impressions be shuffled and rearranged and evaluated differently.  –  Johann Von Goethe

As expected, it was kind of a quiet week for links; next week will probably be more of the same.  But watch this space for an announcement of a few changes, coming on Friday, January 4th.  My two videos this week are both Christmas-themed; the first is an introduction to Mr. Bingle, the “snow fairy” from a department store’s Christmas advertising beloved by generations of New Orleanians (including myself), and the second…well, listen for yourself.  The first video was provided by my husband and the second by Franklin Harris (who also provided the last link before the one attached to the video).  Every link before the first video was supplied by Radley Balko, and those between the videos by Jesse Walker, the H.P. Lovecraft Historical SocietyMichael Whiteacre,  Grace (two links), and Walter Olson, in that order.

Christopher Lee sings heavy metal versions of Christmas songs.

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