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Superstition belongs to the essence of mankind and takes refuge, when one thinks one has suppressed it completely, in the strangest nooks and crannies; once it is safely ensconced there, it suddenly reappears.  –  Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

This week saw a strong rebound from the Thanksgiving slump, and though we haven’t seen any worthwhile Christmas items yet there were an unusual number of astronomy-, death- and monster-related items.  Radley Balko was top dog in links as usual (contributing everything down to the first video), but four others provided two each:  Walter Olson (first video and the link below it), Mike Siegel (“Pat Robertson” and the link above it), Michael Whiteacre  (“Kentucky” and “censored elbow”), and Brooke Magnanti (second video and the link above it).  The others came from Aspasia (“demon sex”), Wikileaks  (“Swedish attitude”), Franklin Harris (“cyber terror”), Jesse Walker (“sic transit”), and Jack Shafer (“snow in Hell”).

Here’s a cute, funny PSA from the Melbourne Transit Authority.

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