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About 55,000 tourists visit Liechtenstein every year.  This blog was viewed about 760,000 times in 2012.  If it were Liechtenstein, it would take about 14 years for that many people to see it.  –  WordPress.com presents The Honest Courtesan 2012 in blogging

Spiffy Dame (composite using -Bubbles- by Jules Erbit)WordPress is just wonderful for someone who revels in organization as I do; as I explained in last year’s review column,

…the statistics page displays a bar graph of page views (with tabs to view it in days, weeks or months); a running total of both daily and all-time views…for the blog as a whole and breaking it down by post and page; numbers and links of all sites and searches which bring visitors to the blog; and the number of clicks on links in my blog (with all figures broken down by day, week, month, quarter, year and all time)…

Last year, international visitors were grouped only by continent, and then only in the annual report; since February 25th, it’s broken down by country on my normal statistics page.  The annual year-end report was released on New Year’s Eve, and on top of that I’d like to share some “top ten” numbers as I did last year.

I received a total of 762,210 visitors in 2012; the average number of hits per day was 2082, but it was much higher in the second half of the year.  My best month was July, with a total of 94,145 views (3037 per day) and my best day was September 26th, with a total of 8277 views in a single day (thanks to someone featuring a link to “Saint Nicholas” on Reddit).  That site gave me the fifth-greatest number of referrals for the year, 3883 in all; it was exceeded by Twitter (15,190 hits), The Agitator (10,598), Facebook (5570) and Google Reader (4828).  #6 was Popehat with 2117, #7 Feministe (“The Many Types of Prostitutes in Ancient Rome”) with 1558, #8 Psychology Today  (Satoshi Kanazawa’s “Are All Women Essentially Prostitutes?”) with 1143, #9 A Voice for Men with 876 and #10 The Atlantic (“The White Savior Industrial Complex“) with 767.  The top ten countries in which my readers live together account for roughly 78% of all of my traffic; #1 is the United States (55%), #2 the United Kingdom (6.8%), #3 Canada (5.4%), #4 Australia (2.7%), #5 Germany (1.8%), #6 India (1.5%), and #7, #8, #9 and #10 France, Singapore, Italy and The Netherlands respectively, each with about 0.7%.

rhinocerosThe most common search term which discovered this blog was “rhinoceros”, with about 13,810 hits; permutations of “the honest courtesan” were second with roughly 10,500 hits.  Third place was held by various versions of “ashley madison” (many expecting “free” credits), a total of 6112 hits; then “soapland” in many different forms for a total of 4488.  “maggie mcneill” (spelled several different ways) produced 2764 views, followed closely by many different ways to say “vulva shapes” (2683 total).  “veronica franco” brought 2167 hits, “hells angels” 1423, “plaçage” 983 and “salvation army santas” 697.

My top ten posts for the year were as follows:

Name Date # of hits in 2012
A Visit to Soapland October 21st, 2011       25,011
Rhinoceros January 21st, 2012       22,199
Ashley Madison January 30th, 2011       16,225
All Shapes and Sizes September 8th, 2010       14,040
Black Men September 18th, 2010         7,472
Saint Nicholas December 6th, 2010         7,425
Meretrices and Prostibulae November 3rd, 2010         6,039
A Whore in the Bedroom September 9th, 2010         5,021
Veronica Franco October 1st, 2010         4,722
None of Your Business October 11th, 2011         3,922

The top post by comment hasn’t changed much since last year:

Name Date # of comments
by 12/31/12
That Is So Hot! April 19th, 2011         196
Speaking in Prostitute June 17th, 2011         171
The Enlightenment Police October 1st, 2011         144
Universal Criminality January 15th, 2012         137
Pendulum April 9th, 2011         134
Their Lips Are Moving April 25th, 2011         132
Creeping Rot April 18th, 2011         123
Public Service Announcement June 12th, 2011         122
Savaging March 27th, 2011         119
Neither Cold Nor Hot April 6th, 2011         114

…and the nine top commenters (after myself) were Sailor Barsoom with 2822, Krulac with 1015, Laura with 919, C. Andrew 599, Asehpe 539,  Comixchik 502, Gorbachev 479, Aspasia 273 and Kewilson 189.

Well, that’s about it; I’m really pleased to see the numbers increasing because it lets me know that my message is getting out all over the world.  Many of my readers have said that I inspire them to fight against prohibitionist lies, and that’s even better; the more of us are out there, telling the truth and debunking the myths, the sooner the balance will tip and governments which criminalize consensual adult behavior will be scorned for the repressive tyrannies they are.

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