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Although we recognize that patriotism is often the handmaiden of dehumanization, we haven’t yet given up the notion of Manichean struggle between evil and good.  –  Zach Weiner

Surprised to see this on Monday?  Next week it’ll be on Tuesday, and so forth until it arrives back in its normal Sunday slot on March 17th.  The reason for this is that I wanted to do something a little different while the TW3 columns are borrowing the Links columns’ numbers, and beside it’s nice for a change.  We’ve only got one video this week, but that’s OK because I really wanted to share this large graphic of Venn diagrams which Radley Balko discovered on Reddit; the graphic puts Balko just barely ahead of Grace this week because each of them contributed three links (Balko the three above the graphic, and Grace “old people”, “crumpled paper” and “spiders”).  The video (a parody of early ’70s anti-drug films) and the link just above it were provided by my cat, and the links between the graphic and the video by Amy Alkon (“Hello Kitty”), Popehat
(“printers”), Eugene Volokh (“Uncanny Valley”), Michael Whiteacre (“Shirley Temple”), Mike Siegel (“drug war” and “Leviathan”), Nun Ya (“flaming cheese”),  Jesse Walker (“lone villain”), and Brooke Magnanti (“bakemono”).

school shooting Venn

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