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Diary #249

IMG955820Last week was another incredibly busy one; between one friend having a baby and another (Savannah Sly) leaving town to return to the East Coast, it was a very hectic week.  Friday’s going-away party for Savannah was incredible; by the end I wasn’t even the nudest one there, and I got groped by the loveliest ladies!  While cleaning up the next day I found panties, a short length of chain and a stun gun among the empty bottles and plastic Easter eggs, which may give you some idea of the sort of party it was.  It was, in fact, my second party for the week; on Tuesday I got together with the same group who met on my second-to-last night in Seattle last November, and it was almost as lovely as it was that first time.  Despite the good times last week, I hope this week will be much quieter; I have a lot of work to catch up on!

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