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Diary #276

1007151635This was not the best of weeks for us.  On Wednesday, a careless asshole decided to run a stop sign in the rain, and guess whose car he decided to do this directly in front of?  Luckily, the cop correctly placed the blame on him, so now I’m waiting for his insurance company to tell me where to go to get my car fixed; also luckily, it’s still driveable for the time being.  But that was just the warmup; apparently, the universe took exception to my stating that things were going to slow down for a while in Jae’s treatment, because on Saturday afternoon the hospital called to tell me that her low fever of the day before had turned into a high fever accompanied by an extensive rash.  I of course rushed over there and stayed with her for the next 11 hours, keeping her company, trying to calm her fears and answering many, many questions from doctors.  By about midnight the culprit had been identified:  a very rare but very serious allergic reaction to one of the drugs she’s been taking to stabilize her condition.  I left for home about 1:30 AM and got back to the hospital by 8 AM, to find her fever had soared dangerously high and she was about to be moved into the ICU.  Fortunately her fever was quickly brought under control, and by last night she was moved back into a regular room once the doctors deemed the danger was past; unfortunately the rash in question (and its related symptoms) are so severe the doctors estimate they’re going to take at least two weeks to clear up, perhaps longer.  And as if that weren’t bad enough, now a substitute will have to be found for the drug she had the reaction to.  Her poor body is just so worn out she slept through most of Sunday and yesterday, and she was not in a good mood last night.  But we are still working on the treatment plan to get her home, and as you read this I will probably be either at the hospital, getting ready to go there or coming from there; still, I have learned my lesson about overdoing it, and I do plan to take time for a little rest tonight now that we know she’s out of danger again.

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