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Back Issue: May 2013

In a world without scripts, stereotypes and endings neatly resolved just in time for the closing credits, [ethical] questions are a lot more complicated than in the two-dimensional, black-and-white world imagined by naïve moralists.  –  “It’s Complicated

Mad Science by Greg HildebrandtThis month saw the end of one regular feature and the beginning of another; “Top 40” was my last “favorites” column, and  Kelly Michaels my first regular (monthly) guest columnist. Her column appeared on Mother’s Day, and the only other holiday that month was May Day; the fictional interlude was “Fair Game” and the harlotography “Mary Ann Hall“.  The weekly reprints from Cliterati were  “Chauvinism“, “Somewhere in the Middle” and “It’s Complicated“, and the Q&A columns were “Preventative Measures“,  “Three Questions” and “Going Abroad“.  Of the remaining eleven columns, “Libertarianism Happens To People” and “Lower Education” looked at Oyster Stewthe collapse of academic freedom in American universities; “Challenge” spotlighted the legal challenge to prostitution law in California, following in the footsteps of Margo St. James (whose activism was profiled in “Coyote Beauty“); “Unintentional Hilarity” and “Dysphemisms Galore” examined the ridiculous language of anti-whore propaganda, while “Image Enhancement” looked at the persecution of whores in Nevada while “Deafening Silence” performed a similar function for China; “Leviathan” postulated that any institution so large it causes harm just by existing, is too large to be allowed to exist; “Tales from the Dark Side” explained the results of trying to sanitize sex; and “The Mills of the Gods” philosophized on the glacial pace of social change.The Sphinx at Giza

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