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Diary #305

Selfie 4-22-16So, I’ll be visiting Los Angeles from May 19th to 25th.  Despite the fact that I’m going to be meeting up with friends and doing other fun things (perhaps even some profitable ones), I’m not actually looking forward to the trip; that’s because I’m going to be flying, and I really hate flying.  As long-time readers know I suffer from debilitating vertigo, accompanied by terror; in 2014 I even traveled to Seattle by train (more than three days each way) rather than fly.  I’ve tried every motion-sickness remedy there is, both prescription and OTC, and none of them work at all; however, I recently hit upon the idea of trying a two-pronged attack, that being Valium for the anxiety and Zofran for the vomiting.  The literature says the latter won’t prevent motion sickness, but I’m hoping the combination with Valium will.  And if it doesn’t, I’m going to try betahistine on the way back (it’s not approved for sale in the US, so it may be a bit harder to obtain dependably).  Sooner or later I hope to be able to come up with some combination of prescription & non-prescription drugs that will enable me to fly, even if it’s at the cost of sedating me into insensibility for most of the day; better to be groggy and loopy than terrified and vomiting.  Anyhow, I will definitely be available for a limited number of bookings while I’m in town, so if you live in or near LA and you’ve been wanting to see me, now’s your chance!

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