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Back Issue: August 2013

Apparently, every last anonymous prohibitionist on the internet believes that I just lie about all day, looking at myself in the mirror and eating bonbons while my staff writes my blog.  –  “Spoiled Children

shampoo adThough it would still be another 16 months before I increased to two news columns a week, the improvement in my ability to gather items was already resulting in the occasional overload to the weekly columns, and so posts like “Extra Edition” began to appear from time to time.  Another foreshadowing: in “Race to the Bottom” I wrote about “sex trafficking” hysteria in Washington state a year and a half before moving here.  August isn’t exactly flush with holidays; Lammas is the only one, though of course there were the regular monthly features: “Lais of Corinth” was the harlotography,  Kevin Wilson the guest columnist and “X Factor” the fictional interlude.  The weekly Cliterati reprints were Q&A columns were “Back and Forth“, “Be Careful Who You Rape“, “Spoiled Children” and “Opting Out“, and the Q&A  White Zombiecolumns “I Spy“, “Seeking Sappho” and “Surprise!“;  furthermore, in  “Agony Aunt” I found myself forced to explain how advice columns work in the first place.  In “Lexicon” I explained the meanings of words and phrases I have coined or adapted, in “The Privilege Paradigm” I explain my antipathy for that much-overused word, an in “Better Left Alone” I explained why I did not discuss a news item that many thought for sure I’d comment on.  The remaining columns that month were “Cuckoo Advertising“, in which I lecture lazy reporters about publishing ads disguised as stories; “Mumbo Jumbo“, in which I ridicule “sex trafficking” hysteria’s descent into rhetoric about magic & mystic  powers; “The Free Speech Mafia“, in which I praise First Amendment lawyers and their struggle against censorship; and “Policing for Profit“, in which I excoriate cops for robbing citizens under color of “law enforcement”.Escape from the White Savior Industrial Complex

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