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Diary #318

selfie 7-27-16On the day my last diary column appeared, I went to dinner with Lorelei Rivers and a lovely and generous gentleman; he took us to one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle, Daniel’s Broiler.  The reason I like it so much is that, unlike many expensive restaurants (which, to riff on Boorstin’s observation about celebrities, are high-priced because their prices are high), Daniel’s strives to earn its reputation in all ways, including outstanding service.  And I have a new favorite cocktail, the beautiful, sweet & dangerous violet martini.  Anyhow, after he treated us to dinner we treated him to That Thing We Do, and a lovely time was had by all.  Alas, the rest of the week was not so uniformly pleasant; though I had a great time Thursday night, meeting new people and getting to socialize with ones I’ve known before, Wednesday was intensely stressful and Friday only slightly less so.  In fact, on Wednesday I decided to start my evening relaxation a bit early; here’s a selfie from the backyard.  I’m rather hoping this week will be a bit more homogeneous; I had a snuggle date on Sunday (the lady may identify herself if she likes) and dinner and a long chat last night with the amazing Allena Gabosch, who wrote this last week based on a conversation we had in New Orleans.  Today I’m going in for another beauty treatment, and that always makes me feel better as well, so here’s hoping the goodness continues all week!

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