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Back Issue: February 2014

Orgasm isn’t only about “doing it right”, sexual satisfaction isn’t only about orgasm, and nobody has the right to define the parameters of “good sex” for you, or to tell you why you “should” or “shouldn’t” have sex.  –  “Mind Over Matter

apples and orangesFor such a short month, February has more than its share of holidays.  Besides Imbolc  and Valentine’s Day (and most years, Mardi Gras), there’s also the American marketing event I call the Stupor Bowl, and in 2014 there was a protest against mass surveillance (“The Day We Fight Back“).  After the regular monthly columns (guest columnist Mark Bennett, fictional interlude “Invasion“, harlotography “Liane de Pougy“) and the weekly ones (Q&As “Fossil“, “Mind Over Matter“, “Ideal” and “Teamwork“, Cliterati reprints “Not Your Rescue Project“, “Drawing Lines” and “Not Good Enough“) are removed, and the columns specifically dedicated to “sex trafficking” hysteria (“Don’t Call It Trafficking“, “All Traffick, All the Time” and “Alternative“) set aside, that leaves only three: “Public Conversation” (asking readers to use the comment threads); “Priorities” (discussing divisions in the activist community); and “The Proof of the Pudding“, in which a guest demonstrates a security measure.Never Read the Comments

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