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Social Rate

selfiecamera_2016-12-16-00-31-20-429It’s very easy for a person in any given profession to forget that those outside that profession, or who don’t deal with members of that profession on a regular basis, may not know anything about some aspects which we take for granted.  Lately, a few readers have made comments to me on Twitter which have alerted me to the fact that many of you may not realize that most escorts, myself included, have a “social rate”, a lower hourly rate which applies to dates in which there won’t be any hanky-panky.  In my case it’s $200, half of my “full service” rate; if you just want to take me out to dinner and talk, or pick my brain about a project you’re working on, or have me model nude for you, or anything like that, the social rate applies rather than the full rate.  Best of all, it’s completely legal!  So if you just want to meet me but you’re not comfortable with paying for sex yourself, email me and tell me you’d like a “social date”.  I won’t usually travel for those, so I’m afraid you’ll have to be in Seattle or wait until I visit your area.  However, if that’s not going to happen for you in the foreseeable future, there’s another option:  phone or Google hangouts.  If you want sexy stuff, the social rate applies; however, if you honestly just want to have a nice long video or phone chat with me, the rate is even less: $100 per hour.  I know, it may seem a bit strange to pay just to talk to a strange woman on the phone, but you’d be surprised how many guys who call phone sex lines are really just lonely & looking for conversation with a woman.  The more virulent prohibitionists love to pretend that sex worker rights activists make money from our activism, but that’s one of the most absurd of their many ridiculous lies; not only do we not make money from our activism, we only rarely break even.  And if you consider that time is money, every activist operates at a net loss all the time.  So what I’m really offering you here is another way to support my work and get something for yourself in return; over the next few months I’ll be coming up with several more ways for you to do that.  I’m not a nonprofit corporation, so I’m afraid it isn’t tax deductible; however, it’s a very real contribution to my work, and I figure many of you who read this blog regularly would like to do that.  You don’t even need references, and for the phone date you needn’t even leave your house, so why wait?  Email for your date today, and support important work in the process!

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