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Back Issue: May 2014

Laws should be based on facts, not faith, even were that faith to be accepted by the entire human race save one.  –  “Rhyme and Reason

Though the only holiday this month was May Day, the addition of a new weekly feature,  the diary column, continued the ongoing pattern of fewer standalone essays which has made this feature shrink in length over the four years I’ve been writing it.  After the harlotograpy (“Lillie Langtry“), the guest columnist (Molli Desi), the fictional interlude (“Shamhat“), the Cliterati reprints (“Available Weapon“, “All About the Men“, “Property of the State“, “Rescued To Death” and “Blood on the Sand“), and the Q&A columns (“Rhyme and Reason“, “When She Was Bad“, “My Turn“, and “Book Questions“) are all accounted for, the only columns left to mention are “Mind-Witness Testimony” (announcing the publication of a research paper I wrote); “Choke Point” (explaining the extralegal means by which the US government attacks businesses it doesn’t like); “The Big Lie” (demonstrating how “sex trafficking” is an example of the titular propaganda technique); “We Won’t Go Away” (challenging prohibitionist attempts to erase sex workers); “A Sop To Cerberus” (examining my own skepticism about allies); and “Continuing To Crumble” (featuring the beginning of the fall of Somaly Mam). 

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