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Last week was quite busy, in a good way; I was working, writing, getting the last stages of the secret project done (I might even announce it next week), planning future trips and otherwise imposing order on the chaos which dominated my life for more than two years.  In a very real way, the release of my new book was a symbol of that; it demonstrates that I’m at least as functional again as I was three years ago, and in some ways even more so.  Speaking of the book, I’d like to remind you that it is indeed out, and to ask you to buy one (pretty please) and review it (pretty please with sugar on top); if you want an autographed copy directly from me, just use the links in yesterday’s column (and be sure to tell me how you’d like it inscribed), and I’ll send you one from my own shelf here.  And if you want me to visit your area, now’s your chance:  write me about helping set up book readings and/or speaking gigs, and while I’m there you can get around the usual minimum time requirement for hiring me!  That’s what I call a win-win situation.  If your situation doesn’t lend itself to assisting me in that way but you’d still like to show your appreciate above & beyond buying & reviewing the book, you could send money via PayPal or Google Wallet to get Lorelei & I dinner on Sunday night.  Also, I’ve just added some new goodies to my Amazon wishlist; lovely fans keep buying me lovely things like Joe Satriani discs.

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