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Back Issue: June 2014

When one argues with a “true believer”…one might as well be arguing with a dumpster.  –  “Stuffed With Rubbish

With the introduction of the Diary feature, the number of non-feature columns grew smaller still.  Take this month, for example; after holidays & observances (“A Day for Whores“, “Friday the 13th” and the Summer Solstice); the guest columnist (Christina Parreira); the harlotography (“Ninon de l’Enclos“); the fictional interlude (“Wise To Resolve“); the Q&A columns (“Short Fuse“, “Clutter“, “Stuffed With Rubbish” and “Adolescence, Ambiguity and Axes“); and the Cliterati reprints (“Not What They Expected” and “Cooties“), the only columns left are “The Roof Caves In” (on the downfall of Somaly Mam), “If Men Were Angels” (on men in positions of “authority” using that to obtain sex), “Don’t Try This At Home” (on why amateur women are threatened by whores’ great talent for sex), and “A Mound of Filth” (on the sleazy echo chamber of Arizona politics). 

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