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Diary #362

One might think last week would’ve slowed down after the property closing, in which case one would be wrong; if anything, it got busier after that.  I had a beauty appointment on Wednesday, after which I spent the night with a wonderful & generous gentleman; the next day, Lorelei Rivers came to visit with us, and my gentleman (who is extremely experienced) declared the session absolutely the best sex he’d ever had.  A few months ago an idiot wrote an article for Vice about how awful threesomes are, and I literally laughed; I have no doubt that they can be pretty bad when three incompetent amateurs are involved, but when two are professionals who work extremely well together and the third is an experienced and open-minded man, the results can be pure, unforgettable magic.  You really ought to see for yourself, and if you’re coming to the Seattle area you have no excuse not to ask Rivers & McNeill to provide the experience.  Anyhow, on Friday I had to drive down to pick up my keys, where I was left waiting for an hour by extremely disorganized realtors; I took this selfie while there, and I think you’ll agree the combination of boredom & mild annoyance is pretty clear on my face.

P.S. – Chicago!  It looks like I’ll be visiting from the 21st to the 24th. It’s still tentative but email me ASAP if you want to see me because my availability will be limited.

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