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Tricky Treats

I used to get as many Halloween-themed columns into October as possible, and though I no longer have the energy for that I’m still dedicated to the idea of this as the time of year for spooky fun.  So every year I collect all the spooky, creepy or scary links and other content from the previous year into one place just before Halloween.  If you’ve come to my blog in the past year, or don’t remember previous editions, they are “Trick or Treat”, “More Trick or Treat“, “Tricks and Treats“, and “This Trick’s a Treat” (yes, it’s a pattern; shut up).  Horror or death-themed columns of the past year include “On the Riverbank“, “Sneak Peek“, “Die Young, Stay Pretty“, and “Taking Out the Trash“; there are spooky videos in Links #330, #333, #340, #373, #377#378, and #381; and here’s a small collection of spooky, scary, or Halloweeny links:

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