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Back Issue: October 2014

People who believe that the human psyche and human culture are both the products of Divine ordination have either never fallen in love, or else they think God is a sadist.  –  “Since the Model Came Out

October is of course Halloween  season, and though I don’t feature as many seasonal columns as I once did, this month still saw “More Trick or Treat” and “Unreal Horrors“, the latter being a Cliterati reprint along with “Whore Detection“,  “The Face of Trafficking” and “Intersectionality“.  The creepy fictional interlude was “The Company of Strangers“, the harlotography “Lady Castlemaine” and the guest columnist Dave Krueger; the Q&A columns were “Typically Flawed“, “Wardrobe Choices“,  “Desperately Seeking” and “Since the Model Came Out“.  “Change in the Air” tracked the way sex workers are winning more approval in the media while government continues to use “sex trafficking” as an “All-Purpose Excuse“; “Still More Stand-Up Guys” profiles men who dare to stand up for sex worker rights, while “Served Cold” exposes those who profit from our persecution. And “A Look at the Works” explains why I won’t leave a hole in my blog just because somebody haz a sadfeelz. 

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