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Back Issue: January 2015

The dystopia is already here; all that remains to be seen is how heavy a yoke the subjects will accept before they finally attempt to throw it off.  –  “Sexcrime

The arrival of 2015, and with it my impending move to Seattle, brought still more changes to my format; now there were two news columns per week, and soon I’d stop contributing to Cliterati.  The result of this is immediately noticeable; after subtracting the holidays (New Year’s Day and Little Christmas), the harlotography (“Mandy Rice-Davies“), the guest columnist (Elizabeth Nolan Brown), the fictional interlude (“Left Behind“), the Cliterati reprints (“Feminists and Other Puritans“, “All Wet” and “Sexcrime“), and the Q&A columns (“Back from the Dead” and “Happy Endings“), the only columns left to mention are “It Was Twenty Years Ago Today” (on my Year of Disaster); “Wild-Eyed and Spittle-Flecked” (on bizarre prohibitionist propaganda); “Boy Juice” (on learned helplessness); and the self-explanatory “2014 in Review“.



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