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Back Issue #64

Sexuality is a thing of the mind, not of the genitalia.  –  “Rope of Sand

As more and more of my daily columns fell into categories, there was less need to specifically mention them in these “Back Issue” features; right now each week has on average two news columns, a links column and a diary, and many of the other three days are taken up by monthly features like this one.  In October 2015, we had a Halloween column and a special feature called “Tricks and Treats“; a guest column featuring a client survey; a fictional interlude (“Athena“); and five Q&A columns (“Methods of Payment“, “Of Horses and Water“, “Buying Time“,  “Confidentiality“, and “Out of Bounds“).  That leaves only four columns:  “Threat Level“, on the ubiquity of threats of violence in American public life; “Rope of Sand“, on the impossibility of drawing a bright, clear line between the sexual and the non-sexual; “Against the Tide“, on the shift of public opinion about sex work; and “Between the Lines“, on that year’s “Operation Cross-Country”.  But describing that took only 157 words, which hardly even qualifies as a column; I’ve therefore decided to change the format of this feature slightly, as signified by the change in the title format.  Starting next month, I’ll add another look back at columns from 2010, one week per month; eventually I’ll convert the feature into looking at blogging from ten years past rather than only three.  And after that…I’ll cross that bridge when and if I come to it.  

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