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Spoon Feeding

On the last night of summer, a well-meaning person on Twitter made an erroneous tweet, and I replied to it:

The gentleman thanked me for correcting him, and that would’ve been that had not some bootlicker decided to snitch about the interaction to a pig with a large number of followers, who then descended upon me like gnats for several days.  These copsucking lackeys were nearly all male; they largely ranged in age from 16-25; most of them had 9 or fewer followers (many had exactly 3 and a few had 0); many had bios featuring pictures of or references to Trump, and used racial slurs or white supremacist slogans; several of them sent me “Pepe the Frog” memes; one even had a header image of Hitler.  Naturally I muted every idiot, sometimes with amusing mockery but mostly not, and they eventually went away as such trolls inevitably do once their limited attention span is exceeded.  I wouldn’t even have mentioned the episode except for the presence of a small group of them who weren’t content with juvenile insults, and instead kept demanding I produce the study for them (despite the fact that Christina Parreira  already had long before I got up Sunday morning).  Now, I’ve written a number of times about my attitude toward random nobodies demanding I personally walk them through things I’ve already addressed at length, but this time I publicly wondered why on Earth anyone would rely on a person whose word they doubted to spoon-feed them?  It’s idiotic.  If someone posted a statistic I doubted, I wouldn’t waste hours demanding the poster provide the source; I’d look it up on Google, as any person who actually cared about the truth would do.  I understand these people didn’t actually want the truth; they just wanted a free argument and I refused to play.  But it’s almost mind-boggling that these people couldn’t see how lazy, stupid and gullible their petulant demands for Mommy to cut up their food for them made them look.

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