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Back Issue #66

Can you imagine a real “pimp” putting as much thought into it as [prohibitionists] put into their BDSM fantasies?  –  “In the News (#594)

Starting next month, the format of this feature is going to change; instead of a (steadily-shrinking) narrative, it will more closely resemble the weekly Links columns; eventually, it will shift to a retrospective of ten years past rather than three.  The reason is because so many features now need little description; for this month, once the holidays (St. Nicholas Day, December Seventeenth, YuleChristmas EveChristmas DayBoxing Day, and New Year’s Eve), guest columnist (David Wraith), fictional interlude (“Christmas Cookie“), Q&A columns (“Sauce for the Goose” and “Immune to the Stuff“), and two columns about the James Deen rape accusations (“Fallen Idol” and “Shattered Idol“) are covered, there would be nothing left to mention if I weren’t including very old columns about my dislike of cocaine (“Do You Party?“); stage names (“What’s In a Name?“); “Couples“; and how “Modern Marriage” is more like a romantic fling than a marriage of the past. 

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