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Diary #472

Last week was relatively quiet, which is probably for the best because my seasonal anxiety is very high right now.  My time-sense is rather off because of the extra sunlight, so sometimes my brain thinks it’s much earlier than it actually is.  Luckily, cannabis edibles kinda reset that by making me relax, and even though I felt listless all week I actually had a fairly productive week.  I got some projects out of the way, did a bit of planning for Sunset, presented The War on Whores at a Pride event in Tacoma, had dinner with Kaytlin Bailey (who was in town for a few days), and edited my lecture on the politics of sex work for Thaddeus Russell’s Renegade University.  Actually, I haven’t done that last yet at the time of this writing, but I promised to work on it today, so I’m saying it here in hopes it will push me to actually do it.  Here’s hoping!  And if I’m really ambitious, maybe I’ll even manage to get my flights for Woodhull scheduled this week.

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