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Annex 24

On Monday of last week, our cee purlins were delivered; now we’re only waiting for the notice that our order of roof panels is ready. We’re also preparing to start building the roof infrastructure; Grace has shown me sketches of the brackets that will be attached to the rafters of the existing house, but before we could begin I had to buy a number of clamps and such to replace those lost in the pillage three years ago.  In the meantime, however, we had a few frosty days that left the deck very slick in the mornings (and sometimes all day), so I decided to go ahead and build the ramp down into the paddock so we could climb down more safely when it’s time to feed the animals.  After the roof is in place, the sides of the deck will be walled in, and a door will lead onto this ramp.  But even without that, it’s nice to be able to walk down from the deck rather than having to climb down a rickety scaffold on uneven ground in the rain while carrying feed buckets.

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