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Annex 28

I’ve been frustrated about our lack of progress on the bathhouse for quite a while now, but unfortunately we’re at a bottleneck; the next step requires brackets which Grace has to make herself, but she’s been ailing for some time and so her progress has been very slow.  But she says she’ll finally be done next week, so we’ve started staging materials and maybe we’ll be getting underway again soon.  I’m hoping that the warmer, drier weather helps, and that once we get going we’ll be able to pick up momentum again.  If we’d been able to get the roof in place before the monsoon season, we’d have been able to work on the walls under the shelter.  But such was not to be, so now I’m hoping to get it done by at least the beginning of summer so we can work in the shade during July and August.  After the walls are up, we can get to work installing our second full bath.  And once that crappy old awning is out of the way, the little lady in the background of this pic will finally get to stand someplace where she can do her job alongside the hot tub.

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