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If courtesans and strumpets were to be prosecuted with as much rigour as some silly people would have it, what locks or bars would be sufficient to preserve the honour of our wives and daughters? –  Bernard Mandeville

When I was a lass, we were taught that men only wanted one thing, and that it was the responsibility of women to control access to that thing.  Everyone, male and female, over the age of 12 understood this principle for the first 12,000 years of human civilization, then suddenly less than one human lifetime ago started to deny it.  We could talk about the reasons all day long, and in fact we have at length in this column before.  Dependable birth control, the Sexual Revolution, misguided feminism, the “social construction of gender” lie, the “rape is not sexual” lie, the Cult of the Child’s catechism of trying to keep little girls ignorant of sex until marriage, and the naïve modern belief that Nature is “fair” (born of the complete disconnection of modern urbanites from the natural world they claim to be so concerned about) are among the many causes of this phenomenon, but no matter what weight we give to which factor the result is the same.  The typical modern woman under the age of 40 or 50 is totally, completely clueless about the powerful, primal, dangerous, predatory nature of male sexuality and daily engages in the equivalent of dancing around in front of a pack of hungry Siberian wolves with rare steaks strapped to her naked body while insisting that said wolves are really herbivorous and only believe themselves to be carnivorous due to “social construction of dietary preferences”; and, that if they try to eat her she will simply “kick them in the balls” and thereby render them as harmless as kittens.

OK, I’m exaggerating.  A little.  My analogy breaks down because human men have minds and most of them are both civilized and have the instinctive tendency to protect women.  That does not, however, change the fact that they’re still wolves and they’re always hungry, and the only reason they aren’t ripping those steaks off of your body (and maybe eating you for dessert) is because of their own powers of self-control backed up by fear of the consequences.  It’s not because they’re “enlightened” or “modern”, it’s not because they were given unisex toys when they were kids and it certainly ain’t because they’re afraid of your magical waif fu combat ability.  It’s just that most of them are too civilized, decent and self-controlled to take steaks you don’t want to give.  Oh, they might try to talk you or trick you into giving them up, and I certainly wouldn’t go to sleep in the presence of a strange wolf, but most of them aren’t going to be ripping them from your body without asking.  But where do men’s nigh-superhuman abilities of self-control come from?  They’re learned, of course; over many centuries males have developed a set of behaviors designed to bring vicious young cubs into the pack and instill in them the ability to control their passions.  These patterns of male society may seem harsh to women, but they have to be in order to control male passions and thereby turn young savages into adult gentlemen.

In the last generation, however, we have seen a breakdown in these male institutions due to the well-intentioned but frighteningly ignorant meddling of women.  In the past, men largely stayed out of women’s business and women stayed out of men’s, and society stayed in balance.  But once the neofeminists and their “social construction of gender” fairy tales came into favor, all this changed; male-only institutions were forced to admit women, and women did not like what they saw, largely because they had absolutely no idea what they were looking at.  If one presumes that all gender is “socially constructed” then obviously there is only one “normal” pattern of human behavior and everything else is pathological.  And since the neofeminists obviously can’t consider female behavior abnormal, they automatically presume that male behavior is, and furthermore conclude that if young boys are feminized then everything will be wonderful and we’ll all go skipping down the road to Candyland together.  Except for one thing:  Male behavior isn’t automatically pathological, it’s just male.  And those young wolf cubs who are being forced to wear fleeces and eat grass won’t grow up to be sheep; they’ll grow up to be either very screwed-up wolves or else very angry, maladjusted wolves who hate sheep and don’t have any clue as to how to behave in a wolf-pack.

One example of a male norm which women have undermined is teaching boys to control their feelings; naïve women bleat about how terrible this is, and how men should be encouraged to “show their feelings”.  What kind of insanity is this?  The average man is six inches taller than the average woman and outweighs her by fifty pounds; he has three times her upper-body strength, twice her muscle mass and about 1.5x her bone mass.  If she gets angry and hits him, it stings; if he gets angry and hits her, it can cause major damage.  I’m perfectly happy with men controlling their feelings, thank you very much, and so should you be unless you think being beaten and/or raped on a regular basis is a good thing.  It’s because I trust my husband’s self-control that I feel safe screaming at him when I’m angry; if he felt as free to “show his feelings” as I do he would beat the hell out of me every time I dared to provoke him in that way.

Another male social mechanism almost completely destroyed by female meddling is hazing.  In any male group which faces danger together (such as military, firemen, police etc) there are certain rites of passage to which newcomers are subjected; these can appear quite brutal to female eyes and indeed I myself was horrified by such practices until I took the time to research the psychology behind them so as to attempt to understand rather than arbitrarily imposing my own female sensibilities on a male institution where they did not belong.  Here is what I learned:  Because such groups face danger together, they have to  have absolute faith in one another.  Every man must know that his brothers can be counted on in a crisis, that they will not buckle under the strain.  Hazing is the way in which newcomers are tested; they are exposed to psychological stress, even mild torture, and are expected not to break.  If they pass the test they become part of the brotherhood, and if they fail they wash out.  The process is harsh but absolutely necessary; if a man can’t even take teasing and insults from his comrades, how the hell will he survive being shot at by people who want to kill him?  By equating adult male hazing rituals with mere mean-spirited high-school bullying, well-meaning but ignorant women have removed an important and time-tested weeding process from military and paramilitary organizations.

We’ve talked about the consequences of uncontrolled male sexual passion in this column before, most recently on September 24th and October 2nd.  But what I didn’t really discuss in those columns is the reason why we’re seeing more of this behavior despite the claims of social engineers that modern men are more “enlightened” and “sensitive” than their forefathers.  Certainly the reasons are complex, but I believe one important cause is the pathologization of normal male behavior.  If both society and individual men recognize the intensity of male passion and the need to control it, social mechanisms like ingrained stoicism and hazing evolve to teach men to control their passions and institutions like prostitution and violent sports arise to allow them to expend their energies in socially acceptable ways.  Some men have milder passions, stronger wills, wise wives or all of the above and will never have need of these outlets, while others need them very much (as evidenced by the study I linked on the 24th showing that decriminalized prostitution reduces rape rates).  19th-century social purity laws which insisted that males be publicly held to female sexual standards were ridiculous enough, but at least in those days men were still allowed to act like men in every other way.  Ever since the advent of “social construction of gender”, however,  men are expected to act like women and are viciously punished if they do not.  Every day in the US men are fired or sent to re-education camps for telling dirty jokes or hanging pictures of pin-up girls in their lockers, and five-year-old boys are arrested for stealing kisses from little girls, yet no politician has the balls to stand up and decry any of this as unjust and insane.

Modern boys are being taught that normal male behavior is sick, perverted and wrong, yet at the same time the social constructs which taught them to control their passions have largely been dismantled.  Boys are encouraged to “show their feelings”, then punished when they do so.  This is a recipe for instilling sociopathy on a massive scale, and if the behavior of young men on the internet is any indication the damage is already very widespread.  Perhaps some of my older male readers may consider me to be overstating the problem, but I doubt many of my younger ones feel that way.  And though some of my female readers may not believe me either, that’s because they aren’t whores.  We frequently have to listen to customers talking about their frustration on this subject, and we constantly see the evidence of it in their behavior and sometimes-twisted desires.  Modern American society needs to stop punishing boys for being boys, and to cease its relentless persecution of the women who work to keep the wolves fed so our prissy domesticated sisters needn’t get saliva on their dainty little hands.

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