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Chastity:  The most unnatural of the sexual perversions. –  Aldous Huxley

Though there are a number of feminist disability advocates who try vehemently to deny it, the fact of the matter is that is extremely difficult for some men, especially disabled ones, to get sex by the same means as their un-handicapped brethren.  The bluenoses, politicians and neofeminists are even worse because they deny that a man being unable to get sex is even a problem.  But since the neofeminists are discussing a subject (male sexuality) about which they know absolutely nothing and the bluenoses and politicians are lying hypocrites, I think it’s fair to completely discount their opinions; and since disabled women may indeed have no trouble getting sex simply because they are in fact women, I think it’s equally safe to presume that they’re looking at the issue through feminist-colored glasses.  As a retired prostitute who has been with a number of disabled and otherwise “sex-acquisition-impaired” men and actually listened to what they had to say I can assure you otherwise; such men have the same needs as other men, but because they may be physically repellent and/or incapable of providing for a woman their chances of obtaining sex by the usual means is usually close to zero, and prostitutes are their only recourse.

A few female readers may doubt that a man incapable of supporting a wife would be able to afford prostitutes, but only if she fails to recognize that “free pussy is the most expensive kind”.  A man could see a New Orleans call girl twice a month for $600, which is not remotely enough to support even a low-maintenance wife, much less a disabled one; while it is certainly true that disabled people have sex, it is generally with each other because people without disabilities do not generally consider them to be marriageable.  You may call this prejudice if you like and perhaps it is, but that doesn’t change the facts:  Women, especially beautiful, sought-after women, simply do not date handicapped men unless they’re rich or famous.  And in such a case, which is better:  A selection of whatever call girls he likes as often as he wants them, or a shallow gold-digger who may eventually tire of caring for him and take a large portion of his wealth when she goes?

There was a regular client in New Orleans who enthusiastically came down on the side of the whores.  He had been in a terrible auto accident which had left him partially paralyzed so that he moved jerkily and his half-frozen face was not pleasant to look upon.  He drooled, had a colostomy because his lower intestines didn’t work properly, and was rather rough with girls because of his inability to control his movements correctly.  But the accident had been the fault of a large company, and his settlement had been very generous; he lived frugally on the interest and still had plenty for fun, including several escorts a month.  He was not a regular of any one girl or service; he called around as he pleased and was fond of variety, but he called so often that most experienced girls like myself ended up seeing him every few months.  He was not an easy customer to deal with; his physical problems were definitely off-putting even when he didn’t accidentally hurt one or ask for help changing his colostomy bag, and his personality was rather abrasive.  If it weren’t for hookers, there is no way he would ever have been able to enjoy sex.  But because of us, he was able to enjoy a different beautiful woman every time he wanted one and thereby make up in a very minor way for the shitty hand Fortune had dealt him.

I had another paralyzed customer once, though his paralysis was below the waist rather than on one side of his body.  He was not as well-heeled as the other client, but was visiting New Orleans and wanted a beautiful lady to spend the evening with him and show him the sights.  Luckily I’m in good shape because I definitely got a workout pushing his wheelchair around the Quarter!  We went to dinner at Ralph and Kacoo’s (which I mentioned in my August 31st column) and then returned to his room; obviously this was one case in which I didn’t mind doing cowgirl, because though his penis was functional his hips were not.  I went way overtime, but I had already warned Grace that I would and I really didn’t mind; he really was a very nice man and quite pleasant company, but so dreadfully in need of a woman that it almost broke my heart.  I still remember how he explored my body with trembling hands, like a teenage boy alone with a girl for the first time; I honestly wish I could force every prohibitionist in America to watch a film of that night so they could be confronted with the spectacle of a “degraded”, “humiliated”, “dirty”, “victimized” whore helping a desperately lonely man to enjoy the gift of Nature despite their efforts to deny it to him.

In the months after Katrina I received a call from a man who wished to hire me for his little brother, whom he told me had been badly burned in a house-fire as a child.  This young man, though in his early twenties, was no larger than a 12-year-old boy due to his injuries stunting his growth; one of his arms was useless and ended in a sort of claw, and I could clearly see the two bones beneath the skin.  He was bald, his face was shockingly scarred and his body bent, but the brother had the wisdom to warn me beforehand and I was able to mask my natural reaction.  But though his body was ugly and ruined his mind was strong and normal; he was intelligent and sensitive, and truly appreciative of my company.  He had never been with a woman before, so I made sure I showed him what it should be like; do any of my readers believe for one minute that any amateur his age would have even bothered to get to know him?  I am not timid about such things, but I tell you I inwardly shuddered to look upon the terrible damage that fire had done to this unfortunate young man’s body; a typical girl would have either screamed or turned away in disgust.  Yet despite his damaged shell he still had the spirit of a man, with a man’s needs and desires; if no woman will give him her favors, is it so horrible that some of us will sell ours to him just as we would to anyone else?

Calls with disabled men are often much more difficult than those with normal men, but can also be much more rewarding and allow one to experience things other women never have.  For example, how many ladies have ever had sex with a blind man?  My first blind client asked if he could feel my face, and of course I allowed it; after running his fingers over its lines he broke into a smile and said, “Oh, you’re so beautiful!”  Then his hands ran over my body, feeling its contours, and he complimented the beauty of my shape as he had that of my face.  What other men could tell with a glance he had to discover laboriously by touch, and it somehow made it all the more special for that reason.  Another client was deaf, and I had to communicate with him by writing; most of the call was conducted in absolute silence, with the two of us indicating things to each other by pantomime since I don’t know sign language.

There are many disabilities more subtle than paralysis and deformity, but even these may make a man unattractive to amateurs; cerebral palsy, severe epilepsy, gross obesity, missing or amputated limbs and other such conditions often make it much more difficult for a man to find a partner even if he has a good personality, and thus these men often turn to escorts.  Dealing with such conditions can range from simple to challenging; an epileptic client, for instance, warned me that when he climaxed he might have a seizure, and I should just make sure he didn’t fall off the bed if he did!  As it turned out he did not, but I’ve had clients with cerebral palsy who shook so badly it was almost as though they were having seizures.  And grossly obese men can be the most challenging of all for a number of reasons I am sure you can imagine without my help.

To be sure, not all prostitutes will accept disabled customers, so many such clients don’t even mention a disability because they’re afraid of being turned down.  But in my experience, few call girls will refuse these men; it certainly isn’t just the money, because in that stratum of harlotry we can afford to be picky and I’ve turned clients down for far less serious reasons than paraplegia.  No, I think the main reason most high-class girls readily accept such men is simply because we are high-class and take our profession seriously enough to realize that it would be wrong and unethical to refuse a paying customer who does not merely want our company but desperately needs it.

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