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Democracy consists of choosing your dictators, after they’ve told you what you think it is you want to hear. –  Alan Coren

Today is Election Day in the United States, which means that business has been slow for most American prostitutes for several weeks now.  It happens every year, but is more pronounced in even-numbered years (because of Congressional elections) and most pronounced in elections where some major party-balance shift is possible, a major issue is to be decided or an incumbent feels endangered by a challenger; this year it’s all of the above, so I’ll bet most American whores have had a lot of free time lately.  Don’t panic, ladies; it’ll be over tomorrow.  It always is.

There are two reasons for the slump, one “internal” and one “external”.  The “internal” reason is that the clients, many of whom are businessmen, are concerned that a candidate or party which favors higher taxation and more restrictions on business will be voted in (or else won’t be voted out); such nervousness is not conducive to free spending on whores any more than it is conducive to spending on anything else, so the market slumps until the danger is either past or the clients have figured out what they’re going to do about a danger which has materialized.  The “external” reason is politicians who try to fool the sheeple into thinking they’re “tough on crime” by making a big show of arresting hookers (which is rather like proving one’s anti-aircraft defenses by shooting ducks in a barrel).  “Busts” of streetwalkers and “stings” of both escorts and customers always dramatically increase in the weeks before an election, which of course makes clients nervous and less likely to try new girls.

Regular readers will remember that the one time I was arrested was in late October; I also wrote about such a bust in my column of October 19th, then there was the FBI raid on Escorts.com, then another example appeared in the Sex Hysteria! website (thank you, Dave!) for October 29th.  Now, I’m not going to talk about the fact that the Detroit police in the latter case terrorized a group of people whose only crime was socializing, nor the fact that they stole 70 automobiles and then charged the owners $900 ransom each to get them back; this sort of Chinese banditry is typical of the police in every time and place and will continue to be so until humanity grows up enough to stop giving power and weapons to its least-evolved members.  No, the part which is important to my column is this one:

Paulina Grady was among those inside the club during the raid. She said she was strip-searched by male and female officers.  “They said whoever didn’t have panties or bras on would be charged with prostitution,” said Grady, who was ticketed for loitering.  “They lifted my dress to see if I was wearing panties.”  Wayne County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Paula Bridges could not immediately be reached to respond to questions about the incident.  Ron Scott, director of the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, called the raid “outrageous…If these hadn’t been police officers, they would be charged with home invasion and criminal sexual conduct,” he said.

Detroit, Michigan, USA, October 10th, 2010, and not only do male cops feel free to look up women’s skirts, but to make criminal accusations based upon their underwear choices?  It might be funny (in a pathetic sort of way) if it weren’t so outrageously sexist, but it isn’t surprising; just as hookers are always looking for magical “cop tests”, so cops are forever looking for magical “whore tests” to use as “evidence” of prostitution, as if hookers were somehow fundamentally different in some objective way from other women.  In the early days of abolitionism it was appearing unescorted on a public street (which as we have discussed before was the reason pimps first appeared), and nowadays it’s carrying condoms in one’s purse.  The curious silence of mainstream “feminism” on this issue is all the proof anyone needs of its real agenda having nothing to do with women’s rights:  Prostitutes are not politically correct to the neofeminists in charge of mainstream organizations, so any police brutality against us (or even against amateur women whom police suspect of being whores) is ignored even if it’s flagrantly sexist.  Can anyone imagine a man being arrested and charged with a crime because he was alone in public, or was carrying condoms, or had no underwear on?  Yet these things happen to real women EVERY DAY in this country, with nary a peep from the same “feminist” organizations who have a cow whenever a fictional woman in a movie is portrayed in some way they imagine to be offensive.

Fortunately, not all feminists are faux feminists, and the most egregious of these practices (the use of condoms as “evidence of prostitution”) is under attack in the state of New York by a bill now wending its way through the state legislature which would prohibit police and prosecutors from doing so on the grounds that discouraging prostitutes from carrying condoms is so incredibly irresponsible and dangerous to public health as to constitute institutionalized insanity.  Usually I’m not in favor of more laws, but I make an exception in the case of laws designed to hobble police and prosecutors from persecuting women quite so easily.  If this does pass in New York, health advocacy groups will no doubt try it in other civil-rights-friendly legislatures and even cops in other states may abandon the procedure for fear that prostitutes’ defense attorneys may use the proven legal arguments which established those laws in challenges elsewhere.

I’ve never really thought of New York as whore-friendlier than any other state (excluding Nevada), but perhaps it is; Kristin Davis, the madam who provided former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer with call girls, is now trying to succeed her famous client in office by running for Governor with her own Anti-Prohibition Party (whose platform is the legalization of all consensual activities).  Her running mate is Tanya Gendelman, who in 1976 fled the former Soviet Union and therefore has firsthand experience of the end result of the direction in which our once-free country is headed.  Though they haven’t the proverbial snowball’s chance of winning the election, just winning 50,000 votes would establish them under New York law as a legitimate political party, which is a good start.  Twenty years ago nobody espousing this position would have even been able to gather enough signatures to get on the ballot:

Davis and Gendelman…think that characterizing sex workers and adult-escorts as criminals and keeping the practice of prostitution illegal is doing more harm than good.  “First and foremost, it is a safety issue for women,” Gendelman said; “it puts women in vulnerable positions.”  She said that prostitution should be a consensual business arrangement, and women should legally be allowed to be prostitutes at the age of 21, despite the age of consent for sex in New York being 17. “[Legalizing prostitution] would curtail trafficking from other countries, and the use and abuse of women,” she said.  Criminalizing the practice of prostitution empowers pimps, encourages sex-traffickers and makes the women more susceptible to these peoples’ control, because the women are deemed criminals and can’t seek the help of law enforcement, she explained.

Davis campaign web site…says that she “find[s] it stunning that this nation still regards prostitution as a crime. It’s sad that we waste our cops and courts trying to stamp it out, as if a good spin through the justice system will instill miscreants with the morals necessary to fly right. In this case, law enforcement is ineffective to the point of absurdity. Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession for a reason: it will always occur.”

I have to thank Dave of Sex Hysteria! for this one as well; it also appeared on October 29th.  Perhaps there was some whore-favorable astrological conjunction that day, because on that same night a program called Dirty Money: The Business of High-End Prostitution appeared on CNBC.  Despite the insulting title, the program was actually reasonably sober rather than inflammatory, and allowed a number of escorts (including Amanda Brooks, whose After Hours blog is linked at the right) to speak without nullifying their words by following them with neofeminists, cops or trafficking hysterics.  A poll on the show’s website currently stands at 85% of respondents voting for decriminalization.  Maybe, just maybe, our day in the court of public opinion is coming, and all our daughters will have to worry about around Election Day will be the same economic slowdown as other businesspeople rather than periodic persecution by power-mad perverts.

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