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Man is a credulous animal, and must believe something; in the absence of good grounds for belief, he will be satisfied with bad ones. –  Bertrand Russell

Maybe it should be called the “Stupor Bowl”, because it so often seems to induce a sort of catatonic state in Americans which renders them susceptible to astonishingly stupid suggestions.  I first noticed this in the early ‘90s, when advertisers began a massive campaign to convince American women that having a dozen of your husband’s loud, rowdy friends over for the game so you could prepare them elaborate football-themed snacks they would inhale without even noticing, then stay up past midnight cleaning up after them, was some sort of reason to celebrate.  But that paled into insignificance beside the “Abuse Bowl” hysteria of 1993, which claimed that the Super Bowl turned otherwise-normal men into slavering brutes who beat up their wives; neofeminists and their lap dogs ate up the story like Doritos and the somnambulistic US media obediently spread the propaganda without any fact-checking whatsoever.  And NBC, the network which carried the event that year, piously broadcast a commercial before the game to remind men that beating their wives was illegal (because obviously it being just plain wrong pales into insignificance behind the vastly more important fact that politicians have made laws against it).

Alas, plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose; this year the equally-ridiculous hysteria is that the Super Bowl turns otherwise-normal men into slavering ephebophiles who purposefully and maliciously seek out underage, enslaved prostitutes.  Neofeminists and their lap dogs have eaten up the story like Doritos and the somnambulistic US media has obediently spread the propaganda without any fact-checking whatsoever.  And a coalition of Christian groups calling themselves “Traffick911” has produced commercials before the game to remind men that statutory rape doesn’t become legal when combined with prostitution (because obviously they think the general public believes that it works the same way that multiplying two negative numbers makes a positive one).  And lest you believe that this campaign is based on a sincere desire to stop enslavement specifically rather than on a moral crusade against all prostitution, I call your attention to this “40-Day Prayer Guide” and “Faith-based awareness tool kit” tucked unobtrusively away at the bottom of the page where lazy reporters aren’t likely to find it.  It makes interesting reading, especially the special prayer for Interstate 35 and the linking of “child sex trafficking” with porn.

I wonder if all the commenters on Jezebel bothered to read as far as the secret Puritan religious agenda before opening wide and taking the big scam all the way down their throats?  Probably not.  One tellingly ignorant aspect of the commercial featured here is the claim that “real men don’t buy sex”; since there is no such thing as free pussy, the only kind of man who doesn’t pay for it is one who takes it by force.  That makes the commercial’s claim actually “only rapists are real men”, which I somehow think is not the message they were trying to send.  Perhaps they meant “real men commit to buying stuff without reading the fine print”, which is essentially the same as “real men are gullible”.  Somehow I doubt that’s what they intended either.

But I digress.  My initial point is that the Super Bowl seems particularly effective at inducing the “buy whatever we sell you” trance; I’ve even seen sex-positive feminists and a number of escorts repeating the “Super Bowl is a sex trafficking Mecca” catechism.  And then there’s this guy, who not only believes the hype but thinks each gypsy whore needs to be paired with a gypsy stripper.  Obviously this isn’t going to happen, and what a nightmare for the girls if it did!  Nobody wants to split her pie with a bunch of itinerant carpetbaggers.  Is it wrong of me to question the City of Arlington’s 300,000 visitor estimate?  Admittedly I don’t understand football, but since as I pointed out before Cowboys Stadium only seats 80,000 people, what will the other 220,000 people will be doing there?  Trafficking the 10,000-100,000 whores, I guess.

Seriously, though, it isn’t just the Super Bowl; the Olympics and World Cup generate similar hypersuggestibility in human populations.  Here’s a detailed examination of the 2006 “World Cup sex trafficking” hysteria in Germany, which you will notice closely resembles our current Super Bowl hysteria in development and degree of exaggeration; the scare can be traced to the soi-disant “Coalition Against Trafficking in Women”, whose hysterical and fallacious propaganda we have discussed before.  Luckily, prostitution is legal in Germany, so it was easy to research and publish an expose of the myth like this one.  And just for good measure, here’s a report by the Sex Industry Worker Safety Action Group which conclusively shows that there is absolutely no correlation between mega sports events and either sex trafficking or a dramatic increase in prostitution.  Also, the Swedish government funded a separate study which also demonstrated the falsity of the World Cup sex trafficking claims.

In 2006 the German authorities uncovered only five cases of “human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation” instead of the imaginary 40,000; in Tampa two years ago there were NO arrests for prostitution during Super Bowl week, and according to this report from the Vancouver Sun:

After the last four [Olympic] Games (Turin 2006, Athens 2004, Salt Lake City 2002, and Sydney 2000), there were almost no confirmed reports on the numbers of sex workers, level of violence or other associated factors.  Notably, almost all anecdotal reports suggested no obvious change in level of activity.  During the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney, where sex work is legal, only a marginal increase in prostitution was reported. In Salt Lake City, one confirmed report indicated that city licenses for escort services increased by only 12 per cent in the period leading up to the Winter Games.

In short, there is literally no evidence whatsoever for any measurable rise in prostitution during such events, much less thousands of trafficked sex slaves.  But neither fanatics nor neofeminists nor cops and politicians looking for excuses to further repress citizens ever let the facts get in the way of their agenda, and since major sporting events appear to render the population even more gullible than usual they are the perfect occasions for the dissemination of this kind of propaganda and fear-mongering.

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