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Opinion is like a pendulum and obeys the same law. If it goes past the centre of gravity on one side, it must go a like distance on the other; and it is only after a certain time that it finds the true point at which it can remain at rest. –  Arthur Schopenhauer

Last week my blog was discovered by the men’s rights community; they see me as sympathetic to their cause because of my vocal dislike for neofeminism.  And so I am, just as I’m sympathetic to the basic tenets of true feminism.  I have said many times that the idea that men and women are “equal” is political nonsense.  Two things which are equal to each other are the same as one another, and men and women are not the same.  We have equal importance in the scheme of things, but it’s because the genders complement each other, not because they’re interchangeable.  Women are strong in areas men are weak and vice-versa; yin and yang, Earth and Sky, night and day.  In places where political and social systems strongly favor men over women (as in Islamic cultures) feminism is needed, and in places where political and social systems strongly favor women over men (as in modern American culture) a men’s rights movement is needed.

Nature set things up so that the sexes were balanced, and early human civilizations continued that balance.  But over time certain power-hungry men, as the movers and shakers in the outside world, betrayed the trust of women and set things up so that men were not merely the governors of the world but its rulers.  There is a BIG difference between the two; a governor holds power in trust and is accountable to the governed, while a ruler holds power as a right and is not accountable.  And so the “war between the sexes” started, and still continues today some 3000 years later.  Now women are in control and are abusing men as badly the worst patriarchal societies ever did women.  Well, as Pollyannaish as it may sound two wrongs don’t make a right, and the current retributive maltreatment of men is beginning to provoke a backlash as any rational mind could have predicted.  The reason for this is that “-isms” are never satisfied; like all political entities they become solutions in search of problems once their primary goals are attained, and they keep maneuvering for more and more power until the original situation they were formed to remedy is completely reversed, setting the stage for still more conflict as the unbalanced system struggles back toward balance…and beyond.  The pendulum swings one way and then the other, and though it may eventually settle in the middle nobody reading this will live to see it.

Each side of the swing is a reflection of the other, so unsurprisingly men’s rights activists tend to fall into the same errors as feminists did.  Just as most feminists tar all men with the same brush, most MRAs tar all Western women with the same brush; just as many feminists dismiss or belittle the contributions of men, so many MRAs dismiss or belittle the contributions of women.  Weirdest of all, both neofeminists and a certain percentage of MRAs are anti-whore!  The men of this sort constantly use “prostitute” as an insult against amateurs for wanting money spent on them, and while my opinion on this subject is well-known I obviously don’t consider “whore” an insult, and I have a pretty low opinion of any man who does.  If sex with a woman wasn’t worth paying for, the world would be a very different place, yet many MRAs pretend they can “get it for free” or that women are all interchangeable.  Unjust marriage laws have artificially inflated the price of a woman’s favors, yet these silly men attack and insult those women who price sex fairly because they have an overdeveloped sense of entitlement (just as most feminists do) and think they “deserve” to get laid for free (presumably because of their good looks and charming personalities).

One commenter recently said “if men and women are equal then dick is as valuable as pussy”.  Unfortunately for this logic, we are not equal (as I said above) and male sexual participation is not as valuable as female; it is not and could never be, anywhere in the animal kingdom.  The basic rule of reproductive biology is “spread the seed, guard the egg”, which is why men are driven to give it away and why women can charge for it, not to mention the reason societies tend to be more concerned with harm to women than to men; lots of men can die without affecting the birth rate at all, but EVERY dead woman lowers it.  This is an undeniable FACT, no matter how little some men like it.  On the other hand women, though as intelligent as men, are not as good at the kind of analytic objectification which makes technology possible; the dearth of female inventors, composers, engineers, etc is proof of that, and it has nothing to do with education as feminists are so fond of claiming because the situation has not changed in the past century and never will.  This is a FACT, no matter how little some women like it.  Men and women tend to be good at DIFFERENT things, and properly complement each other rather than competing.  And please don’t post a bunch of comments about how Miss So-and-So is a crack engineer and Mr. Whathisname is beating the women off with a stick; the only rule without exception is that which states “all rules have exceptions”.  Or expressed more graphically, there are cases on record of people surviving falls from airplanes without parachutes; care to try it for yourself?

If men’s rights activists were smart, they would STOP mimicking feminists and support prostitutes’ rights rather than insulting an old and noble profession.  Why do you think neofeminists hate prostitutes so much?  Because we let men have sex at a fair price.  The suppression of our trade has contributed to the current feminist control of men, and by attacking us MRAs are doing exactly what the neofeminists want.  The only recipe for peace is to restore things to their ancient balance, and one of the first steps toward doing that is to decriminalize prostitution so men have access to sex on their own terms; this will bring down the artificial inflation in the value of women’s favors and thereby force women to deal rather than demanding.  On the other hand, modern technology allows women to earn as much as men if that’s what they want, which brought down the artificially-inflated price of male labor which made the patriarchal cultures possible.  For the first time in millennia the sexes have the potential to return to their primordial equal footing, and if we can find that balance we stand a good chance of being partners again as the gods intended rather than continuing the present adversarial relationship created by the human pigheadedness amply demonstrated by both genders.

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