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A while to work, and after, holiday.  –  William Shakespeare, Richard II (III, i)

Today is Lammas, the festival of First Fruits; one year ago today I wrote about the occasion, and published the first of eight essays by my witch friend JustStarshine explaining the spiritual significance of this day for pagans.  Though we don’t farm, we normally observe the holiday with a feast (centered around barbecue, since like most men my husband loves outdoor grilling) and we celebrate the waning of the summer heat and look forward to cooler days.  But this year, we’re doing something a bit different; my husband is on business in New Orleans so I’m joining him for the week!  I’ll be driving down today and returning Friday, but I’ve set up this week’s entries to post automatically so if the system works as it ought my columns should post about 9:30 CDST each day.  Comment moderation and email replies, however, will probably be slow and sporadic until Saturday.  This is my first vacation in a year and a half, so I plan to enjoy it!  Though today’s column is short, the others are all of normal length and ready to go.

I wish all of my readers a happy Lammas, and ask that whatever your beliefs may be, you all receive happiness and prosperity in great abundance.

Blessed Be!

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