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Victory passes back and forth between men.  –  Homer, Iliad (VI, 339)

In my column of one year ago yesterday I predicted that the long pendulum swing toward women having greater rights than men was ending, and that the resentment engendered by this swing would soon result in a backlash against women’s rights.  I don’t think I need to point out that this has since begun; in the past year laws against women’s sexual freedom have multiplied dramatically, and that is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.  Blinded by their insane hatred of men, neofeminists gave government the rhetoric and public support they needed to restrict women’s sexuality “for our own good”, and they now seem surprised that the poison tree they’ve cultivated for three decades has borne the only fruit it could have borne.  Unfortunately, most women and many men are so lost in a fog of neofeminist dogma that they insist on seeing what is happening as a partisan “War on Women” instead of what it actually is:  a bipartisan assault on all human rights, especially sexual rights.  It isn’t that men are going to gain rights at the expense of women; it’s simply that women are now going to be ground down in the same way men have been ground down over the past twenty years, so that the yoke fits nice and level across all of our backs.

Furry Girl recently called attention to this blog post from Dr. Marty Klein, which I think sums it up pretty well:

…Saying birth control is immoral doesn’t just disempower women—it disempowers people.  Requiring vaginal probes before granting the increasingly rare privilege of abortion doesn’t just trivialize women’s lives—it trivializes people’s lives.  Women shouldn’t complain as women, they should complain as people…That said, let’s stop blaming men (“all-male church,” “mostly-male Congress,” “male-run Fox News,” etc.) for doing all this bad stuff to women.  Women vote to put anti-sex politicians in office…Women support the churches that keep anti-sex politicians in office.  Women buy the newspapers and consume the radio and TV programs (like Rush’s) that promote moral panics about sexuality.  And let’s remember that when women get political power they typically act like men when it comes to sex…virtually every female Republican governor and Congressmember of the last decade has voted to restrict access to abortion and birth control…But again, it’s a mistake to think of this as a war on women.  It’s actually a war on sex.  Anything that makes sex safer, more comfortable, healthier, or more pleasurable for women or men is under fire…

If you don’t believe that, consider Rick Santorum’s promise to aggressively prosecute porn websites and viewers and the Susan G. Komen Foundation-  Planned Parenthood debacle.

But the patronizing pretense that only women can be victims continues.  Take, for example, the once-respected Southern Poverty Law Center’s recent trip down the rabbit hole in which it classes men’s rights and “pickup artist” websites as “hate groups” but completely ignores the violent misandry and sex worker hatred of sites like RadFemHub; presumably, only male anger presents a credible threat, so female hate groups (even those which espouse murder of their enemies) are beneath the SPLC’s notice.  Paul Elam of A Voice for Men reacted to the classification of his site as a “hate group” with an open letter to Richard Cohen of the SPLC:

…The work of AVfM is vital and, despite what you may think, not dissimilar from the goals and aims of the SPLC.  The beneficiaries of SPLC’s labors are more likely than not to be men…Men are more likely than women to be homeless, on society’s bottom rungs.  Men are more likely than women to commit suicide, as well.  America’s exploding prison population, which overwhelmingly includes and victimizes the working class and new poor, contains more than 2 million people, but under 100,000 women.  This disparity has had profound effects on African-American men, as more of them are incarcerated than in post-secondary education.  Young men, ignorant rather than criminal, are placed on lifelong sex offender registries that prevent them from obtaining education and even healthcare, and ensuring that they will never contribute to society.  Relatedly, male attendance in higher education has fallen to 40% and continues to diminish, and men lag far behind women in obtaining advanced degrees.  The performance of boys in our grade, middle and high schools is deteriorating.  Meanwhile, men have become a minority in the workforce, ensuring their further social and economic marginalization, as well as any hope of upward economic mobility…These differences are documented and undeniable.  While society once rallied around the right of a woman to control whether she has a child – and the economic consequences it carries – there is no concomitant outcry to ensure men are not laden with the lifelong obligation of another human being…

It’s time to stop the ruinous Gender War which has been foisted on the human race by fanatics with lunatic agendas.  It should be clear to anyone in his right mind that men and women are equal stakeholders in the fate of humanity, and that any system which places the rights and privileges of one sex above those of the other creates an inherently unstable condition which will inevitably tend to oscillate in an attempt to restore equilibrium.  The pendulum is now headed back to the center, and when it gets there we need to collectively stop it at that point by rejecting the unjust and biased arguments of those who wish to give one sex power over the other; then and only then can men and women work together to defeat the real enemy, the power-mad creatures of both sexes who want to control everyone.

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