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The only devils in the world are those running around in our own hearts – that is where the battle should be fought.  –  Mahatma Gandhi

Last month I published “Traffic Jam”, in which I demonstrated the close resemblance between the Satanic Panic of the 1980s and today’s “sex trafficking” hysteria.  I spoke of the beginning, course and end of both panics, but I also pointed out via my epigram that such fanatical beliefs never really end; what actually happens is that a specific incarnation of hysteria dies off, the cult goes underground until it figures out a new way to peddle its hate to the society at large, and then the whole thing starts all over again.  The particulars of the myth may change in the intervening years, but the underlying cultic belief system, the ur-myth if you will, continues on until it bursts forth in some new monstrous form (or, as pointed out in my column of one year ago today, an old form again).  Usually those of us who spend the majority of our time in the waking world only get to see that portion of the religious mystery the cultists choose to reveal to outsiders, but in rare circumstances the myth may be sufficiently exposed to sunlight that we can see a large portion of it at once.  Such a case came to my attention via Dr. Laura Agustín’s column of May 1st, 2011; I’m not sure how I missed it last year but I rediscovered it by serendipity while searching for the first illustration in “Traffic Jam”.

In most countries, neofeminists move largely in academic and governmental circles; though they enable each others’ delusions as all cultists do, they are also forced to deal with men and non-neofeminist women and are therefore held at least tenuously in contact with reality.  But in Sweden, neofeminism did not begin to wither after its heyday in the early ‘90s as it did nearly everywhere else; instead, it was enabled by politicians for their own reasons and became ever stronger, resulting in the Swedish Model and other bizarre growths which I’ve detailed on numerous occasions.  Because their nightmarish fantasies were not only encouraged by “authorities” but even financed with public funds, Swedish neofeminists were freed from the necessity of even the most superficial grounding in mundane fact, and thus developed a narrative which combines the Satanic Panic, child sex abuse hysteria and “sex trafficking” hysteria into a single unified myth.  This bizarre cult was first fully exposed to the Swedish public in the 2005 documentary Könskriget, which is usually translated as “The Gender War” but, as this article explains,

…can more appropriately be translated as “The Sex War”: for this isn’t just about man versus woman – this is about woman against sex.  The women involved in this “struggle” – something they themselves call “a universal civil war” – aren’t merely disappointed with their previous relationships – they want men gone completely, they hate men, they want the male of the species literally eradicated – wiped out.

Courtesy of a commenter on Agustín’s blog, here’s the documentary with English subtitles:

The video opens with Eva Lundgren, a neofeminist professor of theology (!), “explaining” that a worldwide male cult controlled from the United Nations dominates both the armaments industry and the porn industry; they abduct young girls, impregnate them, then when the fetuses are old enough they cut them out of the girls’ wombs and sacrifice them.  They then magically heal the girls’ wounds, wipe their memories, and return them to their homes; also, they use magical pills to make the dead fetuses explode.  Other feminists dismiss those who point out that these claims are literally impossible by alleging that science and statistics are also controlled by the secret Satanist Patriarchy.

One of these was Ireen von Wachenfeldt, the director of the organization (ROKS) which controls most of the women’s shelters in Sweden; Könskriget shows how “counselors” from ROKS abducted two young women who came to them for help, cutting them off from outside communication (because they were supposedly being pursued by the Satanists) and spiriting them off to Norway with the help of Gunilla Ekberg, the Swedish government’s “expert” on prostitution and one of the architects of the Swedish Model.  The two girls slipped (unsurprisingly) into a deep depression, and one tried to commit suicide three times; her abductors refused to take her to the hospital because the health-care system is of course also controlled by the Patriarchy.  Eventually they were rescued from the psychotic ROKS women by a Norwegian feminist.  The documentary precipitated a firestorm, and von Wachenfeldt was forced out as head of ROKS; amazingly, the government dismissed the public outcry against Ekberg, despite the fact that she threatened the female interviewer on camera (apparently believing it was not running).  Though she eventually resigned over the continuing controversy, she became the executive director of the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW), one of the most influential promoters of trafficking hysteria, and is a sort of unofficial ambassador for the Swedish Model, especially in Canada.

Another neofeminist Swedish politician with ties to ROKS is Marianne Ny, Sweden’s Director of Public Prosecutions (and therefore the author of the persecution of Julian Assange); her chief pre-Assange claim to fame was her unremitting effort to make sex laws ever more restrictive, and she operates under the principle that a woman’s consent is not a valid defense against rape.  Retired judge Brita Sundberg-Weitman wrote,

Ms Ny…is known to have said that when a woman says she has been assaulted by a man, the man ought to be detained because it is not until he is in prison that the woman may have the peace to consider whether or not she has been mistreated.  Ms Ny…believes that imprisoning the man has a positive effect, “even in cases where the perpetrator is prosecuted but not convicted”.  It is also informative, in regards to the presumption of innocence, that she uses the term “perpetrator” rather than “defendant” or “suspect” in discussing criminal investigation in rape cases.

As I’ve previously pointed out, these laws are unpopular in Sweden despite neofeminist claims to the contrary; 88% of Swedes say the laws are too harsh, and 81% say they’re “very angry” about the sex purchase law.  But it’s far too late to protest now; like its mythical diabolical adversary, the Cult of Swedish Neofeminism has its claws in every institution in the country, and they’re going to have a devil of a time exorcising it.

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