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Of government, at least in democratic states, it may be said briefly that it is an agency engaged wholesale, and as a matter of solemn duty, in the performance of acts which all self-respecting individuals refrain from as a matter of common decency.  –  H.L. Mencken

Since this link feature developed from my guest-blogging on The Agitator, it’s only fitting that Radley Balko usually outscores everyone else as a source of links; since I don’t really think he “tweets” or “retweets” that much more than most of the other people I follow, perhaps he and I just have similar ideas of what’s both interesting and worth calling attention to.  This time around every link down to the video is from his Twitter feed, plus the video itself; the first two below the video are courtesy of Lenore Skenazy, and the last two before the cartoon are from Grace.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like if a seagull carried off a camera while it was running, this is the video for you.

(Cartoon via Ms. Samantha; following items via Deep Geek, Jesse Walker, Melissa Gira Grant, Pee-wee HermanMike Siegel and Amy Alkon.)

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