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No one can evade the fact that historically, the state is a blood-thirsty monster, which has been responsible for more violence, bloodshed and hatred than any other institution known to man.  –  Roy A. Childs, Jr.

This was a very news-rich week, and the inimitable Radley Balko, back from his sabbatical, contributed no less than eleven items (including the video).  The links below the video were provided by Neil Gaiman, the North Carolina Harm Reduction CoalitionEugene VolokhPenn JilletteViolet BlueDeep Geek,  Brooke MagnantiFranklin HarrisKorhomme and Walter Olson (in that order).  The “4%” picture and the first two items beside it arrived via Jesse Walker, and the next two after them via Grace.

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