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Hence, the less government we have, the better,–the fewer laws, and the less confided power. The antidote to this abuse of formal Government, is, the influence of private character, the growth of the Individual; the appearance of the principal to supersede the proxy; the appearance of the wise man, of whom the existing government, is, it must be owned, but a shabby imitation.  –  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Writer Neil Gaiman is promoting a new campaign called All Hallows Read, and it’s easy to participate; all you have to do is give somebody a scary book for Halloween.  That’s it.  No forms to fill out, no signs to carry, no rhetoric to spew; just give someone – anyone – a book.  He talks about it a little in the first video below, while a suitably seasonal tableau unfolds behind him.  He also provided the first link below the video and this 2004 essay on one of his favorite films, which also happens to be one of mine.  Every link between this paragraph and the first video was provided by the indefatigable Radley Balko, and those between the two videos arrived courtesy of Gaiman, Brooke MagnantiMike Siegel, Amy AlkonMarty KleinFranklin HarrisAspasia and Chi Mgbako, in that order.  The second video, which comes to us via Marc Randazza, features the Reverend Dr. Phil Snyder making a Biblical argument on a gay rights ordinance in Springfield, Missouri; make sure you watch it all the way to the end.  Finally, the link just after the essay by Ken White of Popehat was also provided by Ken.

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