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Off Track

The circulation of confidence is better than the circulation of money.  –  James Madison

Claire writes:

I’m an experienced GFE escort and generally have very nice clients, but recently I’ve had trouble retaining regulars and I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong.  If I click with someone or have a bit of chemistry that I can work with, I can deliver a really good session; however, I’m 34 now and I suppose I might make assumptions a bit early.  I have never really networked, so I don’t have many people I can ask questions; do you have some sort of list or tips for girls to use in the room?  I haven’t had many good sessions lately and my confidence is a bit blown; I’d appreciate any advice you can give to help me spice things back up again.

The Favorite by Luis Ricardo Falero (1880s)It would be nearly impossible for me to guess what’s causing your trouble; there are any number of possibilities, ranging from the esoteric (an unnoticed health problem that’s subtly changed your biochemistry) to the psychiatric (burnout) to the chaotic (a plain run of bad luck).  But once one’s confidence begins to slip, her mystique can quickly go downhill and then it becomes a snowball effect.  So it’s very important that you get control of this, build up your presence and before too long you’ll be building up your regulars list again.  One thing that I think is very important is that you get a complete medical checkup, just in case there is some subtle gynecological or hormonal issue; if you can afford it, a short holiday might also help.  You might even consider overhauling your website because after all, the root cause may be external (i.e. in your customer base rather than in you), and an infusion of new blood may put things to rights.

I don’t have any kind of list, because most of what I did was based in pure instinct; in other words I’ve never really analyzed what I do, as much as just following my gut with a particular man.  Though I do have a few practical tricks I could teach, they’re more “show” than “tell” and I suspect you already know them anyway.  One of the things that I think is very important for GFE is to be as real as possible without letting negativity into it; in other words DO tell clients how excited you were to get tickets to that sold-out show, but DON’T talk about how bummed you are that your daughter’s having trouble in school (I wrote about this sort of thing at length in “Playing the Part”).

Because everyone is different, though, and because I want to get you back on track right away, I think we need to “crowdsource” this one.  I’m going to bump tomorrow’s column and put this in its place, and invite all of my readers who are either current or former pros to offer suggestions for you in the comment thread.  Make sure you read all of them, and keep up with it for several days; some readers may take a few days to see the column, but might have really good answers for you.  It may even be that some male readers might offer their input as to what has caused them to stop seeing a regular escort, and perhaps you might recognize something one of them says as something you’re also doing and didn’t see as problematic until it was pointed out.

Readers, have you any suggestions for Claire?

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