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I’m sure other parents here can empathize when I say I shudder at the thought of the increasing influence and presence of huge ships in the lives my children.  –  Noel D. Hill

As you can see, our link columns are progressing through the week; the next one will appear on Ash Wednesday, and the feature will slide back into its normal time-slot by mid-March.  The major topic this week was prohibition, not merely of sex and drugs as usual but also of toilet paper, certain clothes and things that don’t actually exist.  We’ll start off right here with an article on how racism led to the removal of the cocaine from cola (via reader SM), followed by more on the links between racism and prohibition of drugs and prostitution.  Alas, stupidity is not prohibited from government, as you’ll see in our second video (which demonstrates the mental capacity of at least some of the people who take it upon themselves to make our decisions for us).  That one was provided by Grace, who also gave us “pedophile” and “7-6-5”.  The top contributor was Jesse Walker, who supplied everything above the first video; that one was provided by Radley Balko and demonstrates once and for all that absolutely nobody can cover Led Zeppelin like Heart can.  Radley also provided “imaginary ban” and “Shakespeare”, and the other links between the videos came from Mark Draughn (“stolen home”), Luscious Lani (“Siberia”), Krulac  (“confirmation”),  Mike Siegel (“translation quiz”), Lenore Skenazy (“toilet paper”), FilmRot Dave (“child hero”), Franklin Harris (“nude accident”) and the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition (“gender gap”).

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