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911 Operator:  “Is there anybody that’s willing to help this lady and not let her die?”
Nurse:  “Not at this time.”

This was the 140th week since I began the blog, and as of today that number will again be attached to the links columns rather than “That Was the Week That Was”.    Starting tomorrow, the latter will be numbered with a new system I’ll use from here on out:  the first digit will be the last one of the calendar year, and the next two the week within that year.  So since this was the 10th week of 2013, tomorrow is #310; the last week of this year will be #352, the week after that will be #401, and so on.  That system will work perfectly until the end of 2019, by which point I may not even be doing things the same way.

Our top contributor this week was Radley Balko, who provided everything down to the first video (which was itself provided by Grace).  The links between the videos were contributed by Walter Olson (“insect jewelers”, “rules > people” and “pop-tart trauma”), Antonio Lorusso (“downloaded gun” and “philosophy jokes”),   Franklin Harris (“vewy quiet” and “Iliad“), Teller (“crime deterrent”),  Laura Agustín (“imaginary spectators”), Lenore Skenazy (“suspended hero”),  Luscious Lani (“Adam”), Sensia Blue (“settlement”), EconJeff (“Berlin”), and  Jesse Walker (“clichés”).  The second video was supplied by my husband, and it may require an explanation if you aren’t an American reader over the age of 35:  the music is from a series of educational videos called Schoolhouse Rock which aired as shorts between Saturday morning children’s shows in the 1970s.  Take a look at the original first, then you’ll appreciate the featured parody more fully.

A robot dog throws cinder blocks with its mouth.

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