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Is there anyone incapable at this point of seeing what the United States has become?  –  Glenn Greenwald

Another week, another crop of links.  Our top contributor, as so often happens, was Radley Balko, who provided everything down to the first video: Peter Sellers reading the lyrics to the Beatles’ “She Loves You” in a Doctor Strangelove voice.  If you enjoy or (or else just can’t resist), you might also want to watch him reading them as a Cockney, and Irishman and an upper-class twit (thanks to Szusa, who also provided “letter to Hitler”).  The second video is propaganda from 1954 which tried to convince Americans that one’s house stands a better chance of surviving a nuclear attack if it’s clean and painted; nine other hilarious propaganda films from all over the world can be found here.  The links between the two videos were provided by Mistress Matisse (“honor”),  Jesse Walker (“road stealing”), Mike Siegel (“lard”), Penn Jillette (“nothing so dumb”), Joyce Arthur (“exact change”),  Michael Whiteacre (“murder charges”), Popehat (“DEA”), and Laura Lee (“Satanists”).

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