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I recently went to get a body rub, and was only looking for the typical “happy ending” because I’m married and worried about STDs; however, when the hour was almost up she unexpectedly got on top of me — bareback.  I came in about 10 seconds.  Does she do that for everyone and just doesn’t advertise it, or did she actually like me?  Is it possible for her to have used some device to make me think I was entering her when it was something else?  I usually last longer than 10 seconds, but after almost an hour of incredible touching I couldn’t help myself; does she think I’m inadequate?  I realize that this was a commercial transaction and I’m behaving as if it was something more, but I can’t help it.

La Masseuse by Edgar Degas (prior to 1917)First of all, if I were you I’d get checked right away.  The chances are that she actually slipped a condom on you without your noticing (because some of us are extremely good at that), but since you don’t know for sure you need to be careful for your wife’s sake if not your own.  If she honestly and truly did take you in bareback (not just between her thighs, which [again] some girls are extremely good at), there’s a very good chance she does it for lots of people, and that’s how diseases get spread.  As I’ve explained many times, professionals are nearly always scrupulous about protection; however, the internet has made it very easy for inexperienced amateurs to get into the business without any opportunity to learn from more experienced ladies, and you have no way of knowing if your masseuse was one of them.

Yes, it’s possible that she liked you, but for most women (especially most pros) that’s simply insufficient reason to get up on top of somebody and give him a freebie.  The chances are, if she did it for you she does it for lots of people (even if it isn’t “everyone”), and since you can’t be sure she protected herself somehow (though it’s likely she did) you can’t afford not to get checked.  Don’t panic; the chances are highly against your getting anything really scary, but chlamydia and the like are bad enough and I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes if your wife gets infected.

And no, she doesn’t think you’re inadequate; the word you’re looking for is “normal”.  Personally, I was always a bit annoyed (though obviously I didn’t let him see it) if a client took more than a few minutes once he was inside; it made me worry that I was losing my touch!

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